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Elevator installation is one of the most problematic, expensive and time-consuming aspects of construction. Modular Elevator Manufacturing, Inc. (MEM) offers a fully operational elevator that installs in one day.

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Modular Elevator Manufacturing, Inc. (MEM), is a USA elevator manufacturer and a sister company to T.L. Shield & Associates, Inc.. MEM designs and manufactures ready-to-use modular elevators for two-to-seven-story exterior applications in new and existing construction projects.

A MEM elevator is ideal for facilities that don’t require the structural integration of a conventional elevator, and the complexities that go along with it. Like conventional elevators, modulars can be customized and designed to fit in with the look of the existing structure. But unlike conventional elevators, modular elevators don’t need to be an inherent part the structure they are servicing. Instead, they are easily and seamlessly attached to the existing structure without having to share the same foundation. This allows for more design freedom, increased functional versatility and an uncomplicated solution for buildings that need to adapt or modernize.

Modular Elevator Manufacturing elevators enable virtually any kind of facility to achieve and/or improve accessibility and meet ADA compliance while saving time and money.

Experience Counts
From its experience in supplying and installing all types of conveyance products, T.L. Shield & Associates introduced the modular elevator to the construction market in 1997. After approval by the Division of the State Architect in California and much success in the educational market, the company expanded and formed MEM in 2004.

MEM Elevator Components
A modular elevator is the ideal vertical transportation solution for two-to-seven-story exterior applications in new and existing construction projects. MEM elevators enable virtually any kind of facility to achieve and/or improve accessibility and meet ADA compliance, while saving time and money.

A modular elevator is constructed of nonproprietary, high-quality components and manufactured in a plant-controlled environment, which results in a high-quality product that greatly minimizes design and engineering costs. MEM elevators feature state of the art digital controls, fully equipped steel cars and fully pre-assembled elevator towers constructed from welded tubular steel, powered by hydraulic holeless or in-ground jacks, or machine-room-less technology. Priced below conventional elevator systems, modular elevators typically take one day to install and require very little maintenance.

Factory Installed Elevators
MEM’s factory pre-installed elevators are built in a freestanding, rated or non-rated structural steel elevator tower. Before installation, an elevator pit is prepared with anchor bolt imbeds to ensure precise placement. The elevator and equipment room arrive at the installation site on a flatbed truck and the elevator is attached to a crane for hoisting into place. The crane operator lifts the elevator and the ground crew maneuvers it into place in the elevator pit. Once the elevator is set in place, it is attached to the anchor bolts and verified to be plumb. Next, the fully-assembled modular equipment room is set into place. This installation process is usually completed in just a few hours.

After the elevator is set, electrical, fire and phone services are provided and final adjustments are completed. Once inspected and approved by the appropriate jurisdictions, the elevator is ready for use in a matter of days.

Pre-Engineered Elevators Save Time and Money
MEM's fully operational elevator system greatly minimizes design and engineering costs. Priced below conventional elevator systems, it installs in one day and requires very little maintenance.

MEM is committed to providing the highest-quality products coupled with superior customer service to meet your needs. Whether it's a new or retrofit project, MEM works with architects and contractors from start to finish to design and install modular elevators that serve both the look and the purpose of the space.

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The MEM Modular Elevator is factory-built to exact specifications.

How do you install an elevator in 5 minutes?
Check out this video of the installation of a
Modular Elevator Manufacturing (MEM) elevator.