Modular Elevator Manufacturing DSA approved Modular Elevators save you time, money, and headaches.

How do you install an elevator in 5 minutes?
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Modular Elevator Manufacturing (MEM) elevator.


DSA Approved Modular ElevatorElevator Construction
It takes an inordinate amount of management time. In the appropriate application, MODULAR ELEVATORS can GREATLY reduce, not only the costs, but also the headaches associated with the construction of conventional elevators.


DSA Issues Resolved
Some of the dilemmas that conventional elevators have on DSA projects, are as follows: In an effort to breeze through the DSA plan check process, conventional elevators are typically over designed. OVER DESIGN = HIGHER PRICES. Conventional elevators hoistways, constructed from cinder block, require much greater support. Heavy structures potentially require grade beams and or caissons. HEAVY STRUCTURES = HIGHER PRICES. DSA typically requires conventional elevators to get a deferred approval, hence, everything related to the elevator is immediately set back. This includes contracting with the elevator contractor, shop drawings, design and engineering of the elevator, submission to DSA, DSA's review, etc. etc. etc. Resolving the relationship between the elevator and the hoistway, and the hoistway and the pit, can hold up progress for weeks or months. DELAYS = HIGHER PRICES.

MEM's DSA Pre-Approved Elevator Means Cost Savings For You
MEM Inc.'s cost saving "MODULAR ELEVATOR" is constructed out of tubular structural steel, resulting in a lighter structure, in turn resulting in, smaller, concrete pits. It is pre-engineered and designed with a DSA PC (Pre Check) approval. The design process all but disappears. It is as simple as taking a set of MEM Inc. PC drawings and attaching them to any set of architecturals. Having a DSA PC approval, architectural, engineering, and DSA review time is reduced, avoiding the back check process. Local manufacturing results in: freight savings, and significantly lower DSA related inspection fees.



Highest Quality Elevator
The structures are inspected by DSA approved inspectors throughout the manufacturing process, resulting in an elevator of the highest quality. Each and every component comes from local nonproprietary California suppliers, ensuring parts availability at all times and any reputable elevator company can work on or service the elevator. QUALITY IS THE SECOND MAJOR BENEFIT TO THE PROJECT.

Shorter Lead Time
Elimination of Deferred Approvals, DSA review, shorter manufacturing, and much shorter on site time, is a result. LEAD TIME IS THE THIRD MAJOR BENEFIT TO THE PROJECT.

Avoid Engineering Time and Expense
The system and structure is already engineered. Engineering time and expense can be avoided. THE FOURTH MAJOR BENEFIT TO THE PROJECT.

The Bottom Line
Elevators don't have to be the Achilles Heel of a construction project and the longest critical path. With appropriate coordination, and with a minimum amount of effort, an elevator can be completed in a matter of 12-16 weeks. Attached is MEM Inc. brochure, for your review and consideration. Give us a call at 818-792-4554 to learn more about the opportunities and the process.

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